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We identify and invest in undervalued companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage and are innovative in their industry to realize significant returns. We enhance our returns with a controlled leverage using margin and options.  Our investments have returned consistently better than market returns because of our ability to research and understand the trajectory of industries and their future profitability.  We use part of the leverage to balance out the risks from any unforeseen events.  Our investment strategy is for the long term as we hope our relationship with you will be.

How We Do This & What Differentiates us?:

  • Search for Value
  • Controlled Leverage 
  • Focus on Winners
  • Understanding of Industry Trajectories
  • Mitigate risks

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We pick a small number of positions to invest in which enables us to research and understand every investment thoroughly. 



Our investment thesis is over the long term.  As a result, we constantly review our positions and validate our original reasoning to be in that position.

industry expertise

We strive to understand the companies and the industry that we invest in.  Our experience helps us to spot the winners in technology, analytics, artificial intelligence, medicine, biotech, etc.,


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